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Zagny OD is a Hong Kong-born and raised artist. She currently lives in Seattle having previously settled in Boston, Tel Aviv and Melbourne.

From a young age Zagny has worked primarily monochramatic in pen and pencil. She obtained her Bachelor of Design from Shenkar College with a focus on illustration. Her formal studies and their academic aloofness drew Zagny towards pure expression. As a result of her big-city upbringing and surroundings, studies, and their consequence, her art draws heavily on nature. Her work is a subtle warping of what we purport to know—with everyone in the world declaring to know what is Real, her art is a story that is an expression of humanity and nature, how these things live together and often fight one another. Zagny works as an artist and graphic designer and until recently has taken part in several group art shows and collaborative art projects, her most recent being a group mini-art show at Ghost Gallery, Seattle.

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